View of the Navy Bridge, with the sea in the background. L. Cádiz
Iconic bridge in Fuengirola to undergo three-month facelift

Iconic bridge in Fuengirola to undergo three-month facelift

The famous crossing over the river has linked the promenade with Sohail Castle for seventeen years but now needs 'rejuvenating surgery' due to salt corrosion

Lorena Cádiz


Tuesday, 17 October 2023, 09:27

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The well-known Fuengirola landmark, the Navy Bridge, which spans the town’s river and links the promenade to Sohail Castle is to undergo 'rejuvenating surgery' though the walkway will continue to be in service as normal.

Designed by Fhecor Ingenieros, the 80-metre-long metal structure with stainless steel braces and railings entered service in 2006. Today, seventeen years later, it is a symbol of the town with its original design visible from the sea, from the A-7, and of course, from the castle and the promenade.

Due to its location by the sea it now needs a certain reparative and 'rejuvenating surgery'. For this reason, the town hall has just announced a 'comprehensive repair', which, although it will not affect the structure of the bridge, will include - among other issues - cleaning and painting of all metal areas, which in many cases are rusty.

Built by the company Dragados for 1.5 million euros, for two years it was simply the 'pedestrian walkway'. It was not until 2008 that it received the official name of El Puente de la Armada (the Navy Bridge). The town hall, then led by Esperanza Oña, gave it this name in tribute to the navy and specifically to the visit of the Tajo ship, when it was docked at the town for several days that year with public access.

“The bridge has become a true symbol of the neighbourhood and the town, so we all want to preserve it in perfect condition so that it remains the postcard image of the modern and beautiful Fuengirola that we all admire,” said the councillors Rocío Arriaga, and Francisco Javier García Lara, when they announced the repair work.

This will begin imminently and will take about three and a half months. Arriaga, the councillor for urban planning, said that the company Jocón Infraestructuras will carry out the 464,622-euro work.

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