How an international gang from Chile robbed a Mijas resident of 20,000 euros

How an international gang from Chile robbed a Mijas resident of 20,000 euros

The four suspects would loiter inside banks and target victims who were withdrawing cash from ATMs

Irene Quirante

Monday, 7 August 2023, 12:10

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A Chilean gang feared internationally for stealing large sums of money without their victims noticing has struck on the Costa del Sol after they robbed a man of 20,000 euros in Mijas.

The criminal organisation, known as Los fantasmas (the ghosts), targeted the 65-year-old when he went to a bank to withdraw cash at the start of July. The criminals, who were inside the bank at the time, noticed what he was doing, and slashed the victim's car tyres before he returned. They then followed him, waiting for him to stop the car at some point.

According to sources, the victim took the vehicle to a garage to change the wheels, and it was there that the thieves carried out the theft, without any need to use violence.

A police investigation was launched and four people were then arrested. Officers linked the suspects to the international gang, which was allegedly active in Spain and other European countries.

The alleged perpetrators would frequently change vehicles and homes to avoid police. They would allegedly change addresses up to three times in a week, police said.

In the same week as the incident in Mijas, officers confirmed that the gang had carried out similar assaults on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, Lisbon and in the province of Malaga.

The four suspects, all of Chilean origin, have been arrested in connection with the thefts and accused of belonging to a criminal organisation. Some 11,850 euros in cash was also seized along with documents they were carrying at the time of their arrest.

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