Construction work on the beach bar in Fuengirola. SUR
Environmental group flags concerns about concrete basement and remodelling of beach bar near Fuengirola Castle

Environmental group flags concerns about concrete basement and remodelling of beach bar near Fuengirola Castle

Malaga's Ecologistas en Acción group claims the chiringuito is oversize and breaches coastal construction laws, and has filed a complaint with the Junta de Andalucía

Lorena Cádiz


Monday, 22 January 2024


The remodelling works of the popular Bikini Beach bar, located on Playa del Castillo in Fuengirola, have caught the attention of the Malaga branch of Ecologists in Action, which has reported a “non-compliance” of the law to the Junta de Andalucía regional government and the coastal authority.

The environmental organisation claims that the bar, which is located “a few metres from the protection zone of the archaeological environment of Fuengirola Castle”, will have a concrete basement and a total permanent constructed area of 440 square metres over two levels. The group pointed out that current laws specify that “planned food and drink establishments on urban stretches of the beaches may have facilities with a maximum of, except in exceptional cases, 200 square metres on a single floor”.

According to the complaint presented by the environmentalists, “These laws are being breached on many beaches in Malaga and it is especially serious on beaches like Fuengirola, which is already over-crowded.”

Ecologistas en Acción accused the regional government of “abusing its powers in the management of the beaches”. It has also requested that the coastal authorities establish “more robust measures", such as the obligation that all regional projects on the coastline must be supervised by the state.

The regional government responded to the complaint by saying that the work on the Bikini Beach bar has the full authorisation from the regional administration for the construction of a basement. Sources from the regional authority pointed out that environmental agents have already visited the work to check “if what is being carried out complies with the law”. Once the authorities receive the full report, it will be verified whether the complaint is justified or not. The Junta de Andalucía said it “will always guarantee compliance with current legislation and the authorisations granted”.





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