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Local residents furious at 'constant' honking of horns during truckers' rally in Mijas
Noise pollution

Local residents furious at 'constant' honking of horns during truckers' rally in Mijas

The town hall was forced to step in and stop the noise when more than 200 lorries from all over Spain and other countries gathered at the Las Lagunas fairgrounds last weekend

Lorena Cádiz


Tuesday, 4 June 2024, 11:40


The truckers' rally that was staged last weekend in Las Lagunas de Mijas was either a success or a nightmare, depending on who you ask. More than 200 trucks from all over Spain and other countries gathered from Friday to Sunday (31 May - 2 June) at the Las Lagunas fairgrounds and held a rally that had not taken place since before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lorry drivers were in the mood to celebrate and showed it by honking their horns. But it provoked complaints from numerGreta serous local residents in the area, who took to social media to vent their anger or complained directly to the town hall about the "constant" noise.

"Since 9am trucks have been arriving and beeping and it is 9pm and they still haven't stopped," complained a resident on social media after the first day of the event. "It was an unbearable noise, deafening," said Fran Carvajal, another of the affected residents. "We live relatively far from the fairgrounds and we could still hear the noise perfectly well, I don't know how the people who live closer to the fairgrounds put up with it," he added.

In response, Mijas councillor Silvia Marín acknowledged the problem and apologised to locals. She said the rally had all relevant permits and authorisation of town hall for the celebration to go on until 11pm. "It is true that the lorries began to arrive one after the other and this caused the continuous use of the horn," said Marín, who assured that after receiving a series of complaints from neighbours, "we asked the organisers to stop the noise and on Saturday afternoon, after the parade, the horns stopped and we began to enjoy the event".

In solidarity with autism

It so happens that the bar set up at the fairground to provide food and drink to all attendees was managed by the Association of People with Intellectual Disabilities of Mijas (Adimi) and the Association of Charity Food for Autism, as the event was a charity event, so all proceeds raised during the weekend will go entirely to the work of these organisations.

"I can't understand how an event with that level of noise can be held for the benefit of people with autism, who can't stand noise," Carvajal said. "Members of the beneficiary associations worked as volunteers in the bars and enjoyed the meeting at all times, they even went there with their families and they have told us that thanks to this weekend they will be able to finance numerous treatments during the year," Marín said.

"In Mijas there are many hauliers, it was they who informed us of their intention to hold this meetup again and we at town hall think it is a good idea, above all because it is important to highlight the value of the transport sector, which every day puts its life on the line and lives on the road so we do not lack any products in our homes," she added.

The councillor said they are already thinking about planning a second event, although next year they will be looking for a formula to reconcile the fun for some with the right to peace and quiet for others.

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