Council aims to get back control of landmark restaurant

Council aims to get back control of landmark restaurant

The building, by the A-7 in Fuengirola, was opened as a swish venue by Spanish singing legend Isabel Pantoja but in recent years was a popular Wok buffet



Friday, 17 February 2023, 09:14

A landmark restaurant building with a colourful past alongside the A-7 in Fuengirola looks set to be handed back to the local council soon.

In 2001 the mythical Cantora restaurant opened in a new buildling close to today's Miramar shopping centre. The business was the property of iconic Spanish singer Isabel Pantoja and her family company and, just like the star herself, was hardly out of the gossip columns and show business websites while it was open. Fuengirola had granted the singer a 25 year lease of the land on which she built the restaurant.

Shortly afterwards, her equally high-profile son, Kiko Rivera, joined the family's business adventure with Cantora Kopas a couple of hundred metres away. The council was paid 22,237 euros a year for the restaurant land and 17,226 euros for the bar.

Unfortunately the restaurant did not do well and it ceased trading in 2005. The unit was then sublet by Pantoja's firm to the well- known Wok Directo Asian buffet. This closed several months ago.

As for the Cantora Kopas bar, this unit was sublet a few times but never really took off.

The Izquierda Unida group on Fuengirola council, seeing the prime units were empty, has recently started asking questions. The bar building was in a particularly bad state, it claimed.

SUR has learned that the bar building is already back in the hands of the town hall, which is looking at new uses.

Work is now under way to get the old Wok building land back under municipal control as well. However, as the lease with Pantoja is due to expire next year, the council may get it back sooner that way.



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