Mayor's visit to the park in the Torreblanca area of Fuengirola. SUR
Fuengirola plans comprehensive renovation of Las Presas park

Fuengirola plans comprehensive renovation of Las Presas park

The project, which will be financed with the town hall's surplus from 2023, will also involve the rehabilitation of the path leading to the beach

Lorena Cádiz


Wednesday, 10 July 2024, 19:50

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The comprehensive renovation of the Las Presas park, located in the Torreblanca area of Fuengirola, has been planned by the town hall, especially the path that connects it to the beach, a project that has now been put out to tender.

"The Parque de las Presas gave rise to one of the most beautiful paths in our municipality. Over the years, the floods brought by the different storms have affected it and today it is in need of renovation," the town's mayor, Ana Mula, said during a visit to the area this week.

Although she said that the work will begin "soon", she highlighted the complexity of the bureaucratic procedures that have delayed the process, mainly because it involves a stream bed, which is the responsibility of the Junta de Andalucía.

The projected intervention is aimed at the environmental adaptation of the green areas through the planting of more autochthonous species, the renovation of equipment and wooden structures, as well as the rehabilitation of the 1.8-kilometre-long path.

For the latter, the technical report foresees the provision of a 1.5-metre-wide path to allow people to walk and cross comfortably. Similarly, to facilitate passage from one side to the other, two wooden footbridges, each six metres long, are to be installed.

The project has a budget of 454,049.87 euros, which will be covered by the surplus of the municipal financial year 2023. The initial execution period established in the specifications is 90 days and the period for submitting bids for this tender ends on Thursday 11 July.

"It is an action that has been very much in demand, especially by the residents of Torreblanca, and which will mean the definitive enhancement of this green lung of Fuengirola. It will be possible, once again, thanks to responsible management of public resources," Mula said.

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