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Cat charity unhappy with Mijas council's neutering plan
Animal welfare

Cat charity unhappy with Mijas council's neutering plan

Mijas Felina says that the town hall should not pay a private firm when it has being doing the work at its own cost for nine years

Lorena Cádiz / SUR


Friday, 7 June 2024, 13:31

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An animal charity that has been carrying out cat colony sterilisation and control is angry that a local council is now going to pay a private company to do the work.

Mijas Felina spokesperson Mar Selva said she did not understand why Mijas council could not give the contract to the charity as has happened in some other municipalities.

Over nine years, "we have carried out 10,000 sterilisations paid for with our own funds, which come from our partners and the activities we organise. We have dedicated our time and our money to cleaning the areas where the cats live, while also supplying them with water and food. Now, for the first time, the town hall has allocated a budget for this purpose but it has decided to hire a private company, instead of reaching a collaboration agreement with us," Selva explained.

Animal welfare councillor Marco Cortés said the new arrangement would benefit "the welfare of the animals" and bring advantages for Mijas Felina and other animal shelters in the municipality, because, "the costs they have been enduring until now will be saved". "From now on they will be able to use this money for other purposes," the councillor said.

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