Councillor González in Plaza de los Chinorros, one of the locations where the cameras will be installed. SUR.
Fuengirola to install cameras and sound monitors to make the town safer and more sustainable

Fuengirola to install cameras and sound monitors to make the town safer and more sustainable

The initiative is part of the town hall's bid to become a Smart City

Wednesday, 17 August 2022, 16:16


In order to boost its chances of becoming a Smart City, Fuengirola town hall has announced a series of measures that includes the installation of cameras in different public spaces of the municipality to improve mobility and reinforce security. With the installation of the new cameras, data such as traffic congestion and the speed of which vehicles are travelling will be obtained: they will also be capable of registering vehicle number plates and detecting free parking spaces.

The cameras will be installed in Calles Jacinto Benavente and Martínez Catena, Avenida Los Boliches, Plaza de los Chinorros and Plaza Anabel Conde.

The project was announced this week by councillor for Innovation, Isabel González, who said that along with the cameras, sound level monitors will also be installed in different commercial areas to control excess noise and avoid inconvenience to the residents.

The councillor explained that the Fuengirola Smart City project focuses on the innovation of public services with the aim of developing a more sustainable municipality.

“These measures will allow us to optimise municipal resources to make them more efficient and sustainable. All these initiatives are part of our strategy to respond to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, specifically SDG 11, which consists of making cities safer, inclusive and sustainable,” González said.

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