The mayor was in Seville on Monday to discuss plans to renovate Fuengirola bus station. / SUR

Fuengirola calls for bus station improvements to cater for town's current needs

The town mayor, Ana Mula, has also announced that urban transport will become free for registered residents in 2023

Tony Bryant

The Mayor of Fuengirola, Ana Mula, met with the director general of Mobility of the Junta de Andalucía, Felipe Arias, and the director of Infrastructure for Transport, Eduardo Gutiérrez, in Seville on Monday to discuss the necessary improvements to the current bus station in the town, which, according to the mayor, does not respond correctly to the volume of both population and daily traffic.

The bus terminal, located on Calle Alfonso XIII, serves an average of 200 buses a day (increased to more than 300 at certain times of the year), which transport about two million passengers each year.

Mula explained that there were several possible solutions for the improvement of the facility to provide a service more in line with the current needs of the town “as soon as possible”.

“We are working on several alternatives so that Fuengirola has the best possible communications and mobility possibilities. Having a bus station that responds to our current population level and our needs as a tourist municipality is essential and a priority. We have an unbeatable location, but many changes have to be made to make it a more efficient infrastructure and better integrated into the town,” Mula said.

Free urban bus service

Mula also announced that urban transport will become free for registered residents in 2023, an initiative aimed at using public transport to reduce the carbon footprint.

No further details have yet been made available, although it will not be the first municipality in the province to implement a free bus service. Torrox has already introduced the initiative to boost the use of its urban buses again after the pandemic; and Benalmádena has also implemented a free transport card for the urban 103 line for registered residents.

Fuengirola has an extensive network of six urban bus lines that cover the areas of El Boquetillo, Carvajal, Los Pacos, Myramar, Los Boliches, Torreblanca and the town centre.

A general ticket costs 1.15 euros, while it is reduced to 0.50 per trip for senior citizens, although the mayor said that she wants to “go further by making them free”.