The toy which had cameras stuffed inside it. Guardia Civil
Man arrested for allegedly abusing teenage stepdaughter in front of a camera hidden inside a soft toy
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Man arrested for allegedly abusing teenage stepdaughter in front of a camera hidden inside a soft toy

He is also thought to have used drugs so the underage victim would sleep before sexually assaulting her

Juan Cano


Monday, 15 April 2024, 14:49


A man who allegedly sexually assaulted and recorded his stepdaughter with a camera hidden inside a cuddly toy for two years has been arrested in Mijas.

According to the Guardia Civil, the man had installed micro-cameras inside the stuffed toy, as well as in a light bulb and a socket in the teeange girl's bedroom and bathroom of her home in Mijas.

The perpetrator allegedly used drugs that produce drowsiness to ensure that his stepdaughter was asleep before sexually assaulting her. The victim told police he would make her tea at night and after drinking it, she would always feel extremely tired.

During the search of the detainee's home, officers found USB storage devices with recordings in which the man can be seen sexually assaulting the minor, as well as cameras and drugs used to allegedly make his stepdaughter drowsy.

The man, a foreigner, had been living with his partner and her daughter for seven years. The recordings were apparently made from the time she was 16 until she was 18. The alleged offences came to light following a tip-off from the victim's boyfriend, who found a camera hidden in the soft toy and told her mother, who went to the Guardia Civil.

The man found out about the complaint lodged against him by the family and immediately fled from the house in Mijas. He spent three weeks continually changing his rental property, using a well-known online platform, until he was located by Guardia Civil in Malaga city.

Officers caught up with him when he was going to Malaga bus station, where he had his computer in a locker. He is accused of crimes of sexual assault, violating privacy and possession of child pornography. The court has ordered he be remanded in prison.

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