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Car thief found hiding under blanket in vehicle he had broken into

Car thief found hiding under blanket in vehicle he had broken into

Eagle-eyed police officers in Mijas spotted the alleged robber trying to hide under a blanket inside the vehicle, hoping not to be caught

Álvaro Frías / Juan Soto


Friday, 25 March 2022, 12:49


When he saw the police arrive he tried to hide so they wouldn’t catch him, but he didn’t choose the best hiding place: inside the car he was trying to rob, with a blanket on top of him in the hope the officers wouldn’t notice. It didn’t work. He was spotted and immediately arrested by the Mijas Local Police.

It happened last weekend, after the 092 police helpline received a call saying that someone had broken into a vehicle which was parked in the street in the El Juncal district. Officers went straight to the scene to investigate and spotted the car immediately, as its back window was broken and there were items spread all over the inside.

Nor was it difficult to spot that, inside, a man was trying to hide under a blanket. They made him get out of the car, checked his identification, searched and then arrested him for robbery with force. During the search they found he was carrying a knife, which they confiscated along with some tools he had used to break into the vehicle.

The Local Police then handed him over to the Guardia Civil, who remanded him in custody pending a court hearing


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