A municipal worker installs one of the plaques at the base of a tree in Fuengirola. / SUR.

One thousand trees in Fuengirola now have plaques that promote care for the environment among children

The ‘A child, a tree’ campaign was launched in 1996 to create a special bond of respect for nature among youngsters so they “have a tree that grows at the same rate as they do”

Tony Bryant

More than a thousand children in Fuengirola now have plaques with their name on trees in the municipality as part of an initiative aimed at creating a special bond of respect for nature among youngsters.

The update was announced by the councillor for urban ecology, Antonio Carrasco, who pointed out that the campaign, 'A child, a tree', which was developed in 1996, added 39 new plaques last year.

Carrasco has encouraged all parents of children who want to participate in the initiative to sign up by submitting a request to the department of urban ecology, which must include the name and date of birth of the child, and the name of the street where the tree is located.

The councillor said the initiative intends to promote respect and care for the environment, “so that children have a tree that grows at the same rate as they do”.

“I encourage everyone to take advantage of this so that your children have this beautiful memory. The objective is to raise awareness among all children about how important it is to preserve the natural environment, since the habits that are acquired at an early age have their continuity throughout adulthood,” the councillor said.