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Two robbed of Rolex watches in less than 24 hours in daylight in Marbella
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Two robbed of Rolex watches in less than 24 hours in daylight in Marbella

One of the victims was assaulted while he was walking down the street with a walking stick

Irene Quirante

Monday, 27 May 2024, 18:55

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Gangs stealing Rolex watches continue to be at work in Marbella, with two thefts occurring in the space of just 24 hours last weekend. In both cases, the robberies took place in the street and in broad daylight. One of the victims, a man with a walking stick, required medical assistance after the robbery.

Police sources have confirmed the opening of two investigations into these thefts, which in both cases took place in Avenida Manolete. The first of these was on Friday afternoon, 17 May. Apparently, the victim was a tourist who was violently assaulted by at least two individuals, who fled as soon as they stole the watch.

According to sources, the watch stolen was worth around 20,000 euros. In addition, the perpetrators also allegedly fled with the man's wallet, in which he was carrying a large sum of money. A Local Police squad went to the scene on receiving the call and found the victim with bruises.

The man told the officers he had been taken off guard when he was walking with his stick and that he had even fallen to the ground as a result of the struggle.

Less than 24 hours later, police responded to another alert on Saturday morning, 18 May. Thieves had stolen another man's Rolex watch by snatching it from him while he was walking along the same street, Avenida Manolete. The perpetrators fled through the crowds of people.

Police taskforce

Concern over the wave of high-end watch thefts in Marbella led to the creation of a special group to curb these criminal acts in the summer of 2022. The team is part of the specialised and violent crime unit (UDEV) of the Marbella police station.

According to sources, these two thefts were not the only ones last weekend. In the early hours of Sunday, a luxury home was broken into and several valuables were taken. Among other objects, according to the victim, a Rolex was also missing. National Police are investigating the incident.

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