One of the injuries suffered by the victim of the attack. / sur

Three British tourists appear in court after brutal attack on a woman in Puerto Banús

The prosecution has agreed to two jail sentences being suspended on condition that they do not reoffend, and the third being changed to a ban on entering Spain for ten years


They hit her on the head with a bottle, dragged her down some stairs and beat her unconscious. It was a brutal attack, the police said, and only rapid intervention from the emergency services saved her life.

This attack by three British tourists took place on 16 September 2021 in Puerto Banús. One of the men, 33, had spent the night with the woman and at 4am he discovered that his watch was missing. Believing that she had stolen it, he called his two friends, aged 39 and 49, who joined him.

After grabbing her bag and seeing that the watch was not inside, the youngest man began to punch the woman in the face while another hit her on the head several times with a glass bottle. He then dragged her down the stairs and continued beating her while she was lying on the floor. The third man kept a lookout to stop anyone approaching.

The police were able to identify two of the suspects. One had left Spain and was arrested when he returned from the UK a few months later, and the other, who was the subject of an arrest warrant issued by the UK for possession of firearms and explosives, was located in Estepona.

After the arrests, two of the men were sent to prison as a preventive measure and the third was released on bail.

The prosecution asked for a prison sentence of one year, six months and one day for the man who accused the victim of stealing his watch, and has agreed to the sentence being suspended for three years as long as he does not reoffend.

For the man who hit the woman with the bottle and dragged her down the stairs, the prosecution wanted the same sentence for a crime of causing injury and another of two years, six months and one day for robbery with violence. In this case they also agreed that instead of a prison sentence, he should be banned from Spain for ten years.

For the third man, who kept a lookout, the prosecution wanted a nine-month jail sentence, but agreed to it being suspended for two years on condition that he did not reoffend.

The men paid 20,375 euros in compensation to the victim, who withdrew her private prosecution against them in response.