The attack took place in Puerto Banús in September 2021. / sur

Police make two new arrests after a woman almost died following attack in Puerto Banús

One suspect was detained at the airport as he returned to the Costa del Sol from the United Kingdom and the other - wanted by UK authorities for crimes involving firearms, ammunition and explosives - was captured in Estepona


They accused the woman of having stolen a watch, and even though they grabbed her bag and saw that it wasn’t there, they beat her up so badly that she almost died. This happened on 16 September last year in Calle Comercio in Puerto Banús, Marbella.

InPolice said three men aged 30 to 40 had been involved in the attack, and they had repeatedly punched and kicked the woman until she was unconscious. She suffered serious fractures and injuries and needed several operations; she only survived due to the swift response from the medical emergency services.

One man who was believed to have been involved in the attack was arrested nearby, but the other two escaped in a car. However, the police were able to identify them later. One had left the country, and the other was hiding out in Estepona, they learned.

United Kingdom

Finally, after a long investigation, both of the other suspects have now been arrested for attempted murder. One was detained at the airport as he returned from the UK, and the other in Estepona, where he had remained. The man in Estepona is also wanted by the UK authorities, who had issued a European arrest warrant for him for crimes involving firearms, ammunition and explosives, for which he faces four years in prison if found guilty.

Two of the suspects have been remanded in custody, and the third has been released on bail.