Taxi driver helps save foreign man's life after pedestrian struck by car on crossing in Marbella
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Taxi driver helps save foreign man's life after pedestrian struck by car on crossing in Marbella

The Good Samaritan, who witnessed the incident, jumped out his vehicle and rushed to the aid of the unconscious victim who was hurled 20 metres through the air

Juan Cano / Irene Quirante


Tuesday, 9 July 2024, 13:15

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A taxi driver has helped save the life of a pedestrian who was hit by a vehicle on a crossing on a busy road in Marbella. Both the Local Police and the paramedics who attended the accident recognised that, with his intervention, he probably saved the accident victim's life.

Salvador, 52, was parked at the taxi rank in front of a well-known hotel when he saw a man walking across a pedestrian crossing on Avenida Severo Ochoa on 29 June. To the taxi driver it appeared that there was a red light to allow pedestrians to cross, however police are investigating this. The next thing he saw was the man being thrown 20 metres through the air after he was hit by a car.

The taxi driver, who was formerly a lifeguard, jumped out of the car and ran to the aid of the man who was unconscious. Salvador carefully laid him in a recovery position as he was bleeding profusely.

Police arrived within minutes, while paramedics took a little longer, with Salvador keeping the man - a 38-year-old foreigner - in the same position until an ambulance did arrive. Paramedics fitted him with a neck brace and rushed him to the Costa del Sol Hospital in the town, although later, he was transferred to the Regional Hospital in Malaga city.

Salvador was left wondering if the pedestrian had survived, so he visited the hospital to check on the man's progress in the evening. Surgeons had to reconstruct the accident victim's lower lip, and he had four broken ribs and he would probably lose sight in one eye. But he was alive.

The pedestrian thanked him repeatedly for his help, while doctors told him that it was the recovery position he placed him in which helped save his life, otherwise the man could have choked on his own blood.

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