The exhausted bird in Marebella's Puerto de la Bajadilla. / SUR

Rescuers swoop on disoriented and hungry vulture in Marbella marina

An animal welfare team captured the disoriented young bird on a pleasure boat in the La Bajadilla port and took it under their wing


It has happened again. Last August, a team of fire brigade and local police officers from Marbella rescued an injured griffon vulture that had taken refuge in the stairwell of a residential development in Nueva Andalucía. But this time it was members of the council’s animal welfare team who were called into action to rescue another specimen from the La Bajadilla marina in the town.

The municipal unit was alerted, at around 8.30 am on Monday morning (8 November), to the presence of the animal that had landed on the deck of a pleasure boat. The team carefully captured the bird and transferred it to the care of the Junta de Andalucía’s Endangered Species Recovery Centre (CREAS).


The CREAS experts said that the bird did not show signs of any wounds or injuries, but did have symptoms of fatigue, hunger and cold.

It is a young specimen, weighing about 5.5, which could have become disoriented from its migratory route and, as a result of exhaustion, have descended to the marina looking for food and a rest.

Golf net

In addition to these two vultures, in September an eagle owl was also rescued that had been trapped, at a height of more than ten metres, in a golf course protection net in San Pedro Alcántara.