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This is why a vehicle was carrying 20,000 euros in cash that rained down on A-7 in Marbella after crash

The four individuals in the car watched helplessly after the car boot sprang open and 50-euro banknotes, carried by the wind, were strewn across the busy carriageway



Wednesday, 1 February 2023, 11:11


More details have emerged after around 20,000 in cash was scattered along the busy A-7 in Marbella, earlier this week, resulting in many motorists stopping on the dual carriageway to scoop up some of the bank notes.

It now appears that four young people of Moroccan origin who live in Valencia were heading to buy a car and were carrying the cash – around 20,000 euros – to pay for it on the western Costa del Sol. The money was in a backpack in the boot of an old Seat Toledo.

But, unfortunately for the youths, their vehicle was struck by a lorry on the A-7 in Marbella. The collision happened at around 11.30am on Monday 30 January at the exit to the La Cañada shopping centre.

As a result of the impact, the boot of the car, which contained the backpack with the money, sprang open. The prevailing wind did the rest: the banknotes – mostly 50-euro notes, but also some 500-euro notes – flew out and were scattered all over the road.

As a result of the accident, a small traffic jam formed with several drivers getting out of their vehicles to scoop up the cash.

The operators of the 112 emergency coordination centre mobilised the Guardia Civil, National Police and Marbella Local Police, as well as road maintenance teams.

It has not been revealed exactly how much the youngsters recovered and how much was lost. According to sources, they can report the misappropriation of the banknotes kept by the drivers who got out of their vehicles.

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