Watch as passengers in two convertibles take 'selfies' standing up while cars speed along Costa del Sol motorway

Police are investigating the viral video recorded by another driver and trying to identify the occupants of both foreign-plated vehicles, which were travelling on the A-7 as it passes through Marbella

Juan Cano


Thursday, 13 June 2024, 15:53

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The Guardia Civil police force in Spain is investigating a video that has gone viral on social media in which the occupants of two convertible cars can be seen taking 'selfies' standing up while being driven along a Costa del Sol motorway as it passes through Marbella. The images were recorded by the passenger in a vehicle who was behind the two cars, both Mercedes. The video shows how the two cars involved were driving parallel to each other on the A-7 in the direction of Cadiz at the Nueva Andalucía exit.

In the footage, which has caused outrage among internet users, the occupants of both cars can be seen standing while using their phones to record images.

The Guardia Civil has already had access to the video and is trying to identify the drivers, although the plates are foreign, which makes the police's work more difficult.

The sources consulted specified that the images show several road traffic offences, such as not wearing a seat belt and driving negligently, although criminal proceedings have not been ruled out.

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