Marbella mayor Ángeles Muñoz visited the site of the new car park in Calle Gabriel García Márquez last Thursday SUR
Nueva Andalucía car park set to double capacity

Nueva Andalucía car park set to double capacity

With an investment of 400,000 euros and a completion period of three months, the spaces in Calle Gabriel García Márquez will be operational in April

Joaquina Dueñas


Monday, 30 January 2023, 16:17


Marbella’s Nueva Andalucía is growing rapidly and especially the La Campana area. With this comes an increasing need for parking, which is why the town hall is working on the development of a 4,500-square-metre plot in Calle Gabriel García Márquez to double the capacity of the existing car park.

In November 2021, a 4,000-square-metre area opened with 110 spaces for vehicles and a dozen for motorbikes. This new annexed site, which is of a similar size, will offer a further 116 spaces. With an investment of more than 400,000 euros, the works are expected to take three months to complete, meaning it is expected to be operational in April.

Mayor of Marbella Ángeles Muñoz visited the project last Thursday, along with the councillor for Public Works, Diego López. The mayor explained that a total of 232 spaces will be created on the site, which "will serve La Campana, which is growing in terms of the number of residents, shops and restaurants". In addition, these car parks will serve the users of the new facilities planned in Nueva Andalucía, including the future multi-purpose centre and the health centre, for which "the extension is currently out to tender”.

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The work will consist of levelling and compacting the land and installing drainage, lighting and irrigation channels, the construction of the car park with 116 parking spaces for vehicles and two areas for motorbikes, the installation of eleven lights and the planting of eleven palm trees.

The heads of the Al-Ándalus residents' association, the president, Angelines Fernández, and the vice-president, Francisco Mancilla, have indicated that these works will provide a response to the demands of local residents.

Muñoz said, "We are making a very important commitment to alleviate the parking problem as evidenced by the more than 2,000 parking spaces that we will have created by the end of the legislature [at the end of May] and another 3,000 that we have projected in a parking plan".

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