Image of the chaos at the Marbella nightclub. / SUR

Marbella shooting: knife attacker returned with concealed weapon after being thrown out of nightclub

National Police officers in the Costa del Sol town are working to reconstruct the events that left five people injured, two of them seriously


The Homicide Group of the National Police force in Marbella is working to reconstruct events in a nightclub that left five people injured, two of them seriously, in the early hours of Monday morning, 18 July, when a gun was fired.

Officers are pouring over video surveillance footage from the premises, Opium, and reams of footage shared on social media networks.

Sources told SUR the incident began after a scuffle between customers at two tables in the VIP section of the disco. One young man was expelled by Opium security staff. However, he returned shortly afterwards and managed to gain entry, while allegedly hiding a knife.

According to the police investigation, which is still in its early stages, the man went directly to the group with who he had previously argued and allegedly stabbed a man.

The stabbed man is Dutch and 40 years old. He was stabbed in the forehead, neck, back and one eye. Investigators believe that he pulled out a gun and fired four times despite being injured. He apparently missed the man who had just stabbed him, who managed to flee. Police are now trying to locate and arrest him.

The stray bullets hit four clubbers. They are a 32-year-old Moroccan woman who has a gunshot wound in the abdominal and pelvic region that has had to be operated on. Health sources confirmed that her condition is serious. The second person admitted to the ICU of the Costa del Sol Hospital is a man of Irish nationality and also 32 years old. He has gunshot wounds to the chest, sources said.

The other two injured are an 18-year-old and a 36-year-old man. The first has a gunshot wound to the left hip, described as not serious, while the second has a shot in the back that did not hit vital organs.

The alleged gunman has been discharged from hospital and has been arrested by police. A second man has been arrested, believed to be a friend of the alleged gunman. Police are investigating his involvement in the incident.

The DJ who was playing at the club when the fight broke out, Black Coffee, wrote on social media: "I hope everyone made it home safely".

The Opium disco and daytime beach club will remain closed following talks between its managers and the city council.