An image of Marbellas Old Town. / josele

Marbella Old Town firms go digital to win new customers


An association of shop traders in Marbella's Old Town has created a virtual tour and directory on its website to help people plan their visit before they leave home. It aims to help the traditional businesses compete more effectively.

The association's website has its own GPS-located entry for each business and a 360º image showing inside and outside the store. Each entry has links to a shop's own website or social media pages. It also has a route planner to help customers get around between the shops they wish to visit.

"A lot of people don't realise that in the Old Town there's a shop selling Spanish omelette in a tin with a personalised date on, or another specialised in produce with denomination of origin from Italy and Spain," said Carmen Martínez, who runs Angel's House, a clothes and accessories shop in one of the picturesque streets. Like many, she is a great supporter of local shops having an online presence to boost trade and working together like an open-air shopping centre.

At the moment there are 50 shops, hotels and restaurants featured and more are being added all the time.