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Marbella takes further step forward in sorting out its master town plan
Town planning

Marbella takes further step forward in sorting out its master town plan

The preliminary POU detailed plan for the town under Andalucía's Lista law has been approved and is now available for public consultation

María Albarral


Friday, 26 January 2024, 18:03


Ruling councillors in Marbella have approved the preliminary new detailed town plan for the municipality and, since Monday, it has been available for consultation by the public for 30 days. The POU (Plan de Ordenación Urbánistica), which will replace a very outdated 1986 version once finally approved, has been compiled under Andalucía's new Lista planning laws.

Mayor of Marbella Ángeles Muñoz explained that this document "is much more in line with Marbella's needs and with the existing reality and, at the same time, takes into account growth criteria and also land rationalisation".

Muñoz highlighted three key aspects of the POU: sustainability, opportunities for access to housing and new business opportunities and job creation.

"We are very aware of the situation we are experiencing in terms of drought and so everything that has to do with water supply and the future. In terms of services and population flows, we are looking for an orderly growth of the entire town, so that all those new people coming to live in the town have guaranteed services," added Muñoz.

The old PGOU format in Andalucía for town halls has been replaced by two documents: the PGOM topline plan, which is already being processed, and this more detailed implementation plan known as the POU.

Marbella hopes to have the plan finally approved next year.

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