Mayor Ángeles Muñoz visits the new facilities. Josele
Marbella opens new animal protection facilities
Animal welfare

Marbella opens new animal protection facilities

The centre, run by Triple A, guarantees the wellbeing of cats and dogs, with their own spaces, recreation areas and veterinary care

María Albarral


Tuesday, 5 March 2024


The new animal shelter in Marbella is now in operation, guaranteeing the wellbeing of abandoned cats and dogs, with their own spaces, recreation areas and a veterinary centre with operating rooms. Marbella mayor Ángeles Muñoz visited the new facility, built by the town hall, on Monday and said that with 2,000 square metres, "it has the highest quality standards and is adapted to the new legislation on animals".

The mayor, accompanied by the president of Triple A animal association, Bettina Pietsch, stressed the council's work to provide the town with "decent facilities". She explained that they had previously built a water supply and sanitation system, once non-existent, and set up a temporary centre nearby, so that the association could continue its activity during the works.

"The facilities have been designed with the assistance of Triple A and specialists from the municipal health department," Muñoz stated, adding, "Marbella has always shown itself to be an animal-friendly town and required facilities which were up to par with this municipal commitment."

In total, the facilities have the capacity to shelter 600 animals, Muñoz said, highlighting that they have taken into account separate spaces for big and small dogs, as well as for potentially dangerous breeds or for those that are in quarantine. In this sense, the mayor pointed out that Triple A does not only offer a service that welcomes animals by taking them in, but also includes a vet who will be able to treat the pets in the two equipped operating rooms.

The president of the association said that the new animal protection facilities will be fully operational from Monday 11 March, after they have transferred the dogs that are currently being kept in their temporary centre. "We're very happy and grateful to everyone who has carried out this project," Pietsch stated.

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