The detainees arriving at the Marbella courts in a police van. / JOSELE

Two held in custody facing four counts of attempted murder after Marbella nightclub shootings

The pair are being held - without bail - and a third person has been arrested, an Irishman who is under police guard in hospital. A fourth individual is still being hunted by officers


A Marbella court has ordered the two people arrested for the shooting at Opium Beach Club to be remanded in custody without bail.

The detained pair are being investigated for four crimes of attempted murder, injury and illegal possession of weapons, one as the perpetrator and the other as a an accomplice, according to the High Court of Justice of Andalucía in a statement on Wednesday, 20 July.

Four people suffered gunshot injuries, two seriously, while the alleged shooter was stabbed in the incident on Monday.

The judicial developments come as one of the seriously injured gunshot victims – a 32-year-old Irishman – was transferred from an intensive care unit to a ward at the Costa del Sol accomplice where he was arrested on Wednesday and remains under police guard.

The scene the morning after the shooting. / EFE / Antonio Paz

According to the National Police investigations, the Irishman could be one of the companions of the individual who stabbed the alleged gunman, a 40-year-old Dutch man who is being held in jail.

He was seated at the Opium's VIP area with a group of Dutch men adjacent to a table of young foreigners, mainly British.

It is believed problems began when one youngster poured himself a drink from a bottle belonging to the Dutch table. They alerted the security staff, who ejected the man from the premises.

The individual returned after a while, this time armed with a knife. According to court testimony from one of the detainees, they saw him climb onto the sofa and, from there, he allegedly stabbed the 40-year-old Dutch man multiple times.

According to sources, the hospitalised Irishman allegedly threw an object at the Dutch group and hit the man who had just been stabbed.

The stabbed Dutchman then, allegedly, pulled out a concealed handgun and opened fire. He hit the young Irishman in the chest and also three other clubbers.

However, he did not hit the man with the knife, who managed to escape. Police are currently trying to locate and arrest him. Officers say that he is a friend of the arrested Irishman.

A 32-year-old woman remains in ICU and is progressing favourably.