The patient has recovered his sight thanks to two local organisations coming together for a good cause. SUR
Marbella charity and hospital join forces to help a visually impaired British man

Marbella charity and hospital join forces to help a visually impaired British man

Mark, who is 62 and homeless, was successfully operated on for cataracts thanks to a call from Collective Calling to Quirónsalud

Joaquina Dueñas


Friday, 3 March 2023


Mark is a 62-year-old Briton living in Marbella. Far from being a typical pensioner who has come to the Costa to live out his golden retirement, he is a homeless person who in recent times has seen his situation worsen after suffering from severe cataracts that caused him to lose all his sight and independence.

However, thanks to the involvement of Marbella charity Collective Calling and the response of the advanced eye clinic at Quirónsalud, Mark can see again.

Collective Calling contacted the hospital to ask for help. Mark's eye condition had advanced so quickly that in just a few months he had completely lost his sight and was at risk of irreversible blindness.

The charity had been helping him for several months by providing food, but the onset of cataracts had caused severe blindness that prevented him from being able to live on the street.

Quirónsalud committed to covering the costs of the operation, which was successfully carried out early in February.

«I want to express my sincere gratitude for the generous support in providing the operating room for free and for Dr Nabil Ragaei performing the cataract surgery for Mark,» said Gemma Carr, co-founder of Collective Calling.

Carr has presented a certificate of thanks to Nabil Ragaei, for carrying out the operation, and to the hospital management in recognition of their help.

Ragaei said it had been a great «privilege» to have been able to take part.

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