Police rescue two girls from hostage situation in Puerto Banús apartment

One of the girls managed to send a screenshot of their location to a friend asking for help because 'men with guns' would not let them leave

Irene Quirante / JUAN CANO


Monday, 14 November 2022, 18:04

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Two girls have been rescued by National Police officers after one of them managed to send a screenshot of their location to a friend, telling her they were in an apartment in Puerto Banús and being prevented from leaving by men with guns.

The alarm was raised at 5am on Sunday 13 November, when the girl who had received the message contacted the 091 emergency service to report what had happened.

When officers arrived at the address they found two girls inside, both under age, and arrested five young men. One of the youths tried to escape and broke his ankle when he fell from a wall.

In the property were a pistol and a sub-machine gun which subsequently turned out to be fake. The police also seized a machete and a knife. It appears the girls had met the young men at a disco in Puerto Banús and had gone with them to a nearby property voluntarily for a drink. The police believe one of the girls already knew the men.

The girls were taken to hospital, but did not appear to be victims of a sexual offence nor were there any signs that they had been subjected to chemical submission.

The investigation into the incident is continuing.

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