The young man was taken to hospital by the 061 emergency helicopter. / sur

Firefighters rescue a man who fell several metres down La Concha mountain in Marbella

The Scandinavian visitor had an eight-centimetre-long gash in his leg and was taken to hospital in the 061 emergency helicopter


Marbella firefighters had to go to the rescue of a young Scandinavian man who had fallen several metres while trying to climb La Concha mountain on Friday.

He was with a group of friends when the accident happened, in a rocky area of the Cerro del Lago, above the road to Istán, which is difficult to access and not on a prepared track.

The fire brigade had been told that he had broken his leg in the fall; however, when they reached the victim they found that no bones were broken but he had an eight-centimetre-long gash in his leg, close to the femoral artery.

They carried him on a stretcher to a less rugged area, where they carried out first aid, and then to another place where the 061 emergency service helicopter could land.

He was then transferred to hospital.