Personal mobility vehicles in Estepona, a town where a micromobility company operates. sur
Marbella council plans to regulate the use of electric scooters from October

Marbella council plans to regulate the use of electric scooters from October

Users will have to wear a helmet and take out insurance and will not be allowed to travel in groups of more than six plus a guide

David Lerma


Friday, 23 September 2022, 15:38


Marbella council is planning to regulate the use of personal mobility vehicles, especially electric scooters, whose users will have to wear helmets and take out third party insurance. A regulation for micro-mobility companies is also on the table.

At present these types of vehicles are only subject to the rules set out by the Spain's Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT), which means they cannot be used on pavements or go faster than 25 kms per hour.

Enrique Rodríguez, the councillor for Mobility, said the regulation is due to be approved in October. He has also told SUR that the maximum number of people on electric scooters who will be permitted to travel as a group will be six plus a guide.

The local authority also plans to establish the conditions under which Personal Mobility Vehicle companies can operate in the municipality.

At present there are none in Marbella, and a few weeks ago Gerard Sellarés, the head of the Dott micro-mobility company in Spain, which has a branch in Estepona, explained that the problem with this type of initiative is the lack of specific regulations in each municipality. This move by Marbella council may attract some such businesses to open there.


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