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Highest number of summer deaths in past decade recorded on Malaga's roads
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Highest number of summer deaths in past decade recorded on Malaga's roads

Twelve people lost their lives in traffic accidents on main roads in the province in July and August, some 80% more than a year ago

Irene Quirante


Tuesday, 5 September 2023


Traffic authorities have deemed this summer as one of the darkest on the main roads network of the Costa in the past decade after 12 people died.

It is an 80% increase compared to the same time last year and is the highest number of deaths to have occurred on roads throughout the province in summer in the past 12 years, according to data from Spain's Directorate-General of Traffic (DGT). Last year, there were five deaths on Malaga's roads in July and August.

The 12 road deaths this summer happened in nine traffic accidents. Four of them took place on motorways and dual carriageways, four on conventional roads and one on a toll motorway. The figures exclude local roads inside towns.

According to accident investigations following the fatalities, distraction played a role and was deemed as the cause in accidents where six people died. Four people died as a result of a head-on collision between vehicles, while three others were killed in rear-end crashes There were also two fatal hit-and-runs, two collisions with obstacles that resulted in the death of two people, as well as one head-on collision.

According to the DGT, four people who died were not wearing their seatbelts at the time of accident. The majority of the accidents occurred in the early hours of the morning, where seven of the 12 victims died.

Four of the victims were aged between 45 and 54, while three others were aged between 35 and 44. Two other young people, aged between 18 and 24, also died this summer, as well as two people aged between 55 and 64, and another aged in their late 60s.

Accident rate rises

In total, 223 traffic accidents were recorded on Malaga's roads in July and August, 22.53% more than a year ago. Of these, 214 resulted in injuries and 34 people were hospitalised, although in most cases (94) the injured did not need to be admitted to hospital.

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