Malaga woman's complaint helps police uncover online betting fraud gang that swindled four millions euros

Malaga woman's complaint helps police uncover online betting fraud gang that swindled four millions euros

The organisation allegedly used the stolen personal data of 210 people from all over Spain to commit the crimes

Irene Quirante


Monday, 5 February 2024, 17:57


The complaint of a woman from Malaga has led to the arrest of six people for allegedly belonging to a criminal group that allegedly defrauded four million euros via an online betting scam using stolen data.

The woman first went to the police to report falling victim to a scam where the tax office was claiming 900 euros from her for winnings obtained from bets she had never placed. After her crime report, a steady stream of similar complaints came in to police stations across the country.

According to the National Police, the criminal organisation used the data of 210 people to place bets on online gambling platforms, which, in just one year, earned them four million euros, without them paying the tax corresponding to the winnings, which amounted to 19%.

The group, which bet on football matches and horse races, both in Spain and internationally, stole the data of 210 people to carry out the crimes. To hide the profits, they allegedly had front companies and up to 776 accounts through which they moved money.

A married couple who owned hairdressing and beauty businesses, as well as real estate agencies, spearheaded the group. According to investigators, they made big real estate investments and lived a lavish lifestyle.

The majority of the suspects were bank mules, in charge of opening accounts and transferring money between them, police said. Of the six people arrested, four are from Madrid city, one in Quijorna (Madrid) and another in Logroño.

Officers raided three homes of the main suspects, as well as blocked 31 bank accounts and 21 properties valued at 3,350,000 euros - many of them in Madrid and the Costa del Sol. They also seized five high-end vehicles; telephone and computer devices, and 9,200 euros in cash.

A Malaga court is aware of the facts, and ordered the provisional imprisonment of the leader of the network while investigations continue.

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