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Malaga was fourth-placed province in Spain for highest number of jobs created in 2023

Malaga was fourth-placed province in Spain for highest number of jobs created in 2023

December broke the run of four consecutive months of rising unemployment in the province, with a drop of 1,532

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Wednesday, 3 January 2024, 16:34


Malaga was the fourth-place province in Spain for the creation of new jobs in 2023, latest official figures show. It registered an increase of 22,339 contributors to the Social Security system which represents an increase of 3.34%, to 690,563 - although Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia were all well ahead.

In Spain, the country as a whole experienced a 2.66% increase in employment, with 539,740 new jobs. The figures for Andalucía also lagged behind those of Malaga, with just a 2% increase and 64,358 new jobs.

Economic analyst at Unicaja Banco Group Felisa Becerra said the data is positive for Malaga province as the increase in employment is above the Spanish average. But Social Security records for the last month are not so positive, with 2,662 people falling into unemployment in Malaga province. It is the third largest decline in Spain by province.

More unemployed women than men in the province

By gender, although 60% of the total number of unemployed people in Malaga are women (almost 79,000, compared to 52,122 men), the number of jobless women fell by 3,180 over the course of 2023, compared to a fall of 2,181 in the number of unemployed men. In December, the number of unemployed women fell by 1,406, compared to a decrease of 126 in the number of unemployed men, the latest figures showed.

The number of unemployed people decreased in all but one sector last December, construction, where 266 people lost their jobs. The services sector was the best performer, where 1,355 people lost their jobs, but 95,000 people found work.

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