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Malaga is the Andalusian province with the highest IBI tax revenue and the fourth highest in Spain

Malaga is the Andalusian province with the highest IBI tax revenue and the fourth highest in Spain

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Since 2006 local councils' income from this property tax has doubled to more than 600 million euros

Cristina Vallejo

Friday, 23 June 2023, 14:16

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Malaga is the Andalusian province with the highest IBI property tax revenue. According to data from the Ministry of Finance, the net amount collected from homes was close to 622 million euros in 2022 and ahead of Seville province which collected 425 million euros.

Malaga city, with almost 1.5 million contributing properties, also beat the Andalusian capital, which collected tax from 1.37 million homes. The average cadastral value (the value of the property used to calculate IBI) in Malaga province, almost 76,000 euros per property, also beats that of Seville (56,582 euros). The tax base, i.e. the sum of the cadastral value of all the houses in Malaga, is more than 111 billion euros, a figure that contrasts with the 72.3 billion euros in Seville.

The cadastral value is the "price" given by the local administration to each property, taking as a reference criteria such as its location and economic trends. This value is always below the market level.

The tax rate is applied to this amount, which in Malaga city is 0.4510%, slightly above the legal minimum of 0.4%, making it one of the lowest for a city in Spain, which in turn is compensated by the high cadastral value attributed to the property.

National level

Malaga province also stands out at the national level and comes in fourth place in IBI ranking, with close to 622 million euros in 2022. In terms of properties subject to the tax, Malaga also ranks among the top in Spain. Madrid leads the ranking, with 4.45 million properties; followed by Barcelona, with almost four million; Valencia and Alicante exceed two million; and just behind, with its million and a half, is Malaga. In total, in Spain there are 38.67 million urban properties subject to this tax.

According to Luis del Amo, of the Register of Tax Adviser Economists (REAF), Malaga collects so much because it is a province with very large towns, expensive properties and high cadastral values.

Since 2006, which is the first year in which the Ministry of Finance provides data on the change in IBI on its website, revenue from this tax has doubled in Spain, rising from around 6.5 billion euros to over 13.1 billion euros. In Malaga province it has increased by 108%, from less than 300 million euros in 2006 to now stand at more than 600 million euros.

Economist Rubén Gimeno attributes the increase in revenue to three factors: the revision of cadastral values, the increase in the property stock despite the slowdown in construction between 2008 and 2012 and the fact that new flats have higher cadastral values. In Malaga, the tax base, i.e. the cadastral value of the property stock, has increased from 51.5 billion euros in 2006 to 111 billion euros today. Meanwhile, the number of properties has risen from 1.1 million to around 1.5 million.

Among the municipalities of the province, Malaga city has the highest income from IBI, with a total of 124 million euros in 2022. Marbella collected more than 120 million euros in IBI. In third place is Estepona, with more than 42 million euros in IBI collected.

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