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Malaga loses almost 10,000 jobs in the first half of January

Malaga loses almost 10,000 jobs in the first half of January

However, the province, including the Costa del Sol, remains in fourth position in Spain in terms of job creation compared to the last year’s figures

Cristina Vallejo


Friday, 19 January 2024, 18:08


It is the dominant trend throughout the country: the month of January begins with a rise in unemployment.. The ministry of Inclusion has reported that, in the first fortnight of January, Malaga province lost 9,765 Social Security contributors. From an average of 690,563 contributors in December 2023, the figure has fallen to 680,797 halfway through this month. This represents a fall of 1.41%, the second largest in the Andalusian region in relative terms, behind Jaén (-2.24%); and also in absolute numbers, behind Seville (-11,254).

In Andalucía as a whole, job losses amounted to 43,547 (1.3% less), going from 3.37 million in December to 3.33 million in the first half of January. This is the region that has suffered the greatest deterioration so far this year in its number of contributors, followed by Cataluña, which has lost 41,545 jobs, Valencia (-34,711) and Madrid (-31,410).

Malaga is among the provinces with the greatest loss of affiliation. In Spain as a whole, the fall in the number of registered workers was 250,315, i.e. 1.20% less, dropping to 20.585 million.

Last year, in the whole of January, 9,567 Social Security contributors were lost in Malaga, making it the fifth worst performing province in terms of employment; Spain, as a whole, lost 215,000 contributors in the first month of 2023.

The ministry of Inclusion also provides the daily number of contributors as at 15 January - different from the average figure for the period. At that time, there were 679,020 people affiliated to Social Security in Malaga, 9,136 fewer than on 31 December. In Andalucía, the fall between 31 December and 15 January was 30,139. In Spain, the fall was 122,412 from 31 December 2023 to the first fortnight of January.

The year-on-year comparison, however, continues to be positive. In the first two weeks of January, Malaga had 22,140 more average affiliates than at the same time last year. Andalucía, for its part, had nearly 51,000 more jobs. And in Spain the growth is more than half a million.

With these figures Malaga is among the top positions in terms of employment improvement over the last twelve months. It is the fourth province with the best performance in Social Security enrolment over the last twelve months, behind Madrid, which gained almost 131,000 members; Barcelona, with 62,604 more contributors; and Valencia, which increased by 33,888 jobs.

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