Malaga creates nearly 8,000 new jobs and records a drop in unemployment

Malaga creates nearly 8,000 new jobs and records a drop in unemployment

It is the second-placed province with the best results in the Andalucía region and fourth nationally in the whole of Spain

Nuria Triguero


Tuesday, 2 July 2024, 11:59

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Some 8,000 jobs were created in Malaga province in June, ahead of what is expected to be a bumper high season on the Costa del Sol.

Latest employment data shows the number of jobless people in the province sits at 119,875 - the first time it's been below the threshold since it was exceeded in September 2008. The current official figure for the number of unemployed in Malaga province is 6,726 less than at the same time last year.

Some 2,909 people left the unemployment queue last month in Malaga, meaning it is the second Andalusian province with the best employment results and the fourth nationally. Cadiz topped the table with 2,987 fewer unemployed last month.

However, for job creation, Malaga province recorded the highest monthly increase of 7,646 new jobs, making it the third province in Spain behind only the Balearic Islands (+19,360) and Madrid (+8,182). The province recorded a new all-time record number of social security contributors, with an average of 729,383 in June. This is 24,515 more than in the same month of 2023 (+3.48%). Last month, 55,986 contracts were signed in Malaga province, with 26,118 being permanent.

Services sector records biggest drop in unemployment

The Balearic Islands recorded an even more disparate performance than Malaga in terms of enrolment and unemployment: the region that led the way in job creation in June barely reduced its registered unemployment figure, just by 373 persons. This is due to various factors, one of which is that of the permanent unemployed, who do not count as unemployed when they are inactive, but do count as contributors when they are active.

The fall in unemployment in Malaga in June was mainly due to the services sector, which closed June with 2,209 fewer job seekers than in May. There were also reductions in industry (-175) and agriculture (-76). Construction recorded a slight rise (+24) and the number of people without previous employment fell by 473.

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