The sewer inspection chamber and, inset, Ángela Mérida. / I.Q.

Adopted son arrested after woman’s badly decomposed body found in Malaga sewer

The case remains open as murder squad investigators await the results of an autopsy on the corpse, which showed signs of violence


National Police officers have arrested an adopted son of the woman found dead on Tuesday, 12 July, inside a sewer in the Teatinos area of Malaga city. The murder squad investigations place him as the main suspect in the crime, although the case remains open.

SUR has discovered that the body of Ángela Mérida, who was reported missing on 23 May, was found hidden inside an inspection chamber and had injuries that indicated a violent death.

The body was located around 12.20pm on Tuesday after the National Police force was alerted that there was a body in a sewer in the El Hoyo area, next to Calle Juan de Robles, close to law courts and the university campus. Police called in the Malaga fire brigade to recover the body and preserve the evidence, as much as possible.

Early investigations, in the absence of the definitive result of the autopsy, indicate that the woman died of strangulation. Everything points to the fact that she died some days after her disappearance and that the body was not hidden in the inspection chamber the entire time.

Murder squad investigators believe that the motive could be money-related, and related to the drug use of the arrested person, who - according to the family itself - constantly demanded money from his mother, which was a source of conflict, although she never reported it.