Body of woman, with signs of violence, found in Malaga sewer

Body of woman, with signs of violence, found in Malaga sewer

The National Police have opened an investigation to try to identify the victim, whose body was found some eight metres underground



Tuesday, 12 July 2022, 17:29


Spain’s National Police force is investigating the violent death of a woman whose body was found this Tuesday morning, 12 July, in a sewer some eight metres underground, sources have confirmed to SUR.

The body was found shortly before noon in the Teatinos district, specifically in an area known as El Hoyo, next to Calle Juan de Robles, which is very close to court buildings and the university campus.

After being alerted to the possible presence of the body at the bottom of the sewer, National Police officers went to the scene and called for assistance from the fire brigade in Malaga to recover the body.

According to SUR sources, the woman's body showed signs of violence and was in an advanced state of decomposition, so it is presumed that she could have been dead for more than a month.

The victim's body is pending identification. The Homicide Group has taken charge of the case, which will work on the investigation together with forensic specialists.

The police operation aroused concern in the neighbourhood, so the emergency services carried out their work behind a tarpaulin to prevent the gaze of people passing by in the area




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