Wild boar filmed happily wandering through streets past shops and restaurants in Malaga city

Drought and scarcity of food is forcing the animals down from the mountains in order to look for rich pickings

Antonio Ortín


Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 06:37


Wild boar have been seen wandering through streets in an urban area of Malaga city.

A local resident filmed the two adult animals searching for food in the Paseo Cerrado de Calderón, in the city's eastern suburbs. The footage shows the boar sniffing around in the vicinity of two shopping and restaurant areas.

It's not the first time wild boar have been sighted in urban areas of Malaga city. It is increasingly common to find them in El Limonar, El Palo or Cerrado de Calderón as drought forces them down from the mountains to search for water and food closer to populated areas.

Local Police sources told SUR wild boar tend to descend from Los Montes de Málaga to the urban centres in the eastern part of Malaga city via local streams, driven mainly by the drought and scarcity of food in their natural habitat which is combined with the availability of urban waste in the city.

Meanwhile, the increase in the number of animals is influenced by the absence of natural predators and the administrative obstacles to hunting them.

In Mijas, a police report last February warned of the risk of the increasingly frequent presence of wild boars, which have even caused traffic incidents on the A7.

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