A sign warns people not to feed wild boar in a housing estate in Mijas SUR
Police report warns of the danger posed by wild boar in Mijas, even causing the A-7 to be cut off

Police report warns of the danger posed by wild boar in Mijas, even causing the A-7 to be cut off

For more than a month the town hall has hired professional archers to shoot the animals and is now looking at other ways to tackle the issue

Lorena Cádiz


Thursday, 22 February 2024, 18:23


Professional archers have been hunting wild boar throughout Mijas during January and February in a bid to reduce the number of animals wreaking havoc in the area.

The measure is part of the town hall's plan to cull the pests as they continue posing problems for residents and traffic hazards for motorists. The situation will not improve in the short term as the region continues to suffer from drought, one of the main reasons wild boar are venturing into towns from the mountains as they search for water.

But the move has been met with criticism with environmental group Ecologistas en Acción pointing out the suffering of an animal the size of a wild boar wounded with an arrow "is very high, much higher than a shot with a bullet". In a letter addressed to the environment councillor, they pointed out "a wild boar slightly wounded with an arrow can be a very dangerous animal, due to the stress generated and the nature and corpulence of the animal, making it a potential danger to people living in the area".

They demanded the professional archers immediately cease hunting the animals, which has already been actioned according to councillor Marco Cortés. He said the measure which was taken urgently was only supposed to be temporary. The boar were also wandering through streets sparking a "multitude of calls" to the Local Police of Mijas, even causing "the A-7 to be cut off on more than one occasion", according to a police report. "The police have also warned us that they are approaching school areas and that on some occasions they have attacked people," Cortés said.

The town hall is now researching other solutions to the issue, he said. Installing feeding and drinking troughs in the mountains to stop the boars coming down to look for food and water in the municipality is a possible solution, he added.

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