The victim, Malaga architect Rafael Santa-Cruz y Carrillo de Albornoz. SUR
Well-known Malaga architect dies after brutal attack on city centre street

Well-known Malaga architect dies after brutal attack on city centre street

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He was heading to a bar with a friend when they were set upon by two individuals

Juan Cano


Monday, 17 April 2023, 09:34


A well-known Malaga architect died in hospital at the weekend after he was attacked on the street by two individuals in the city centre a few days earlier.

Rafael Santa-Cruz y Carrillo de Albornoz, 58, succumbed to his injuries at the Regional Hospital after Wednesday’s incident when he went to a bar with a friend to watch the football match between Real Madrid and Chelsea.

After the champion’s league game ended Rafael Santa-Cruz and his friend walked to the city centre to have a drink and were assaulted along the way by two unknown assailants, police said.

Sources close to the case reported that Rafael Santa-Cruz received at least one blow to the head - possibly a kick - which caused serious head trauma.

The architect was rushed to the hospital's intensive care unit (ICU) but, despite the efforts of the medical staff, they were unable to save his life. The victim from Malaga was an organ donor.

A PCR test for coronavirus was carried out and his body was transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) for an autopsy in the hope that a forensic examination could shed light on the case.

Rafael Santa-Cruz's friend, a builder of the same age, was also injured and hospitalised, but he is in a stable condition.

The homicide group of the National Police is investigating the case and reviewing security camera vision. No one has been arrested yet.

Rafael Santa-Cruz y Carrillo de Albornoz was a renowned architect and directed the Santa-Cruz & Asociados studio, founded in 1991 and based in Calle Martínez, which runs perpendicular to Calle Larios.

His studio's website lists numerous projects he and his team had worked on, from residential homes to retirement facilities. Santa-Cruz participated in the preparation of the PGOU of Malaga and the remodelling of the Parque San Antonio Hospital, among many other projects.

A student at the San Estanislao school, he finished his architectural studies and his final project at the top of his class, according to his team. He was a family man.




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