View of the second speed camera installed in the Puerto de la Torre district. F.J.
Warning to drivers: this is the new speed camera in Malaga city that will start issuing fines today

Warning to drivers: this is the new speed camera in Malaga city that will start issuing fines today

It will be the sixth in the city, and this is where the other road safety devices are located too

Chus Heredia


Wednesday, 10 January 2024, 09:38


Malaga council is going flat out to increase road safety and reduce the speed on the city's roads. There is currently an ambitious plan in place to calm traffic in 70 streets in 11 districts, where speed humps, pedestrian crossings and other similar measures are being installed

Today, Wednesday 10 January, a new speed camera will start to issue fines in the Puerto de la Torre district. And it comes about from political and neighbourhood consensus.

In fact, many of the neighbourhood petitions that end up being debated in plenary sessions, commissions and participatory bodies are related to the implementation of measures to curb traffic in the streets of Malaga. And the figures speak for themselves. In the absence of data for 2023, there were 4,176 urban traffic accidents in 2022. Of these, 302, some 7.23 per cent, involved people being run over. That is almost one a day on the city's streets.

Pedestrians are the main victims of speeding, but obviously not exclusively. That is why the Mobility Department is activating the speed camera on Avenida Pintor Rodrigo Vivar southbound this Wednesday. And it will issue fines from day one.

According to the council, it is a reinforcement of road safety measures and has a preventative role to respond to the local residents' requests. The speed measuring device is certified by the Spanish Metrology Centre and its installation was agreed at the District Council held at the end of 2021, by the representatives of the political groups of Ciudadanos, Partido Popular and PSOE and the abstention of Adelante Málaga.

The city hall carried out a road safety study of the road which included the recording of speeds and an analysis of the accident rate in the area. This analysis determined the high frequency of speeding and a higher accident rate in the southbound direction. The data supported the installation of the speed camera.

It is installed on a road that connects the centre of Puerto de la Torre with El Cónsul and the Guadalhorce motorway and is the second to be activated in the district in just a few months. Last August, another was installed in Lope de Vega. In total, there are now six speed cameras operating in the city. The other four are in Avenida de Andalucía, Pacífico, Valle-Inclán and Baños del Carmen.

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