Firefighters at the scene of the blaze. SUR
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As many as ten hunting dogs killed in blaze on outskirts of Malaga

The incident happened at a storage unit in the La Corta district of the city



Sunday, 31 March 2024, 19:28


A fire has claimed the lives of between seven and ten dogs that were in being kept in a storage unit in Calle Plateros Diego de Baena in the La Corta area of Malaga city.

Sources from Malaga's CPB provincial fire brigade told SUR how a blaze broke out in a building that was divided into different storage rooms. In the tool shed where the fire broke out there were seven or eight dogs being kept, believed to belong to hunters, all of which were killed.

The fire then spread to the neighbouring until where two other animals are believed to have died. However, due to the state of the building, firefighters have not been able to identify the number of dogs that perished with any certainty.

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