The companies say the increase may not be permanent. sur
Uber, Cabify and Bolt raise fares on the coast due to increased fuel costs

Uber, Cabify and Bolt raise fares on the coast due to increased fuel costs

The three multinationals say this is necessary otherwise the owners of the vehicles who work with them will not be guaranteed a profit

Francisco Jiménez


Wednesday, 30 March 2022, 14:12


People who use public transport in Malaga need not expect higher fares as a result of the increase in fuel prices, because the sector is financed by the council, and nor can those who travel with self-employed taxi drivers as their charges are regulated, but the same cannot be said for ridesharing firms such as Uber, Cabify and Bolt.

These three multinationals have just announced that they will be increasing their fares to ensure that their collaborators, in other words the holders of the licences, can make a profit. They say that in principle the measure is not permanent, as that will depend on changes in the cost of fuel and how much the government’s measures to assist the transport sector will help. Whatever happens, customers will still know in advance how much their journey is going to cost.

Supporting drivers

Bolt, which began operating in Malaga in October last year, was the first to take this step. Its prices have gone up by an average of 10% to 15%. The base rate has risen from 0.50 to 1.50 euros, and the cost per kilometre from 1.10 to 1.30 euros.

Next to announce a rise in fares was Uber, “to support our drivers, who are seeing an increase in their operational costs”. In their case, they have added 50 céntimos to their base rate.

Almost immediately afterwards, Cabify decided to add 65 céntimos per journey, on average. The company says it has to support its drivers and is “permanently optimising routes thanks to the use of technology and seeking to generate more journeys with a shorter travelling distance between passengers” so the transport service is “more sustainable and profitable”.

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