Recreation of the cathedral's planned gable roof. SUR
Three-quarters of Malaga cathedral's 17.5 million euro new roof budget is already in place

Three-quarters of Malaga cathedral's 17.5 million euro new roof budget is already in place

The City Hall has raised its subsidy to 4.5 million euros, though the Spanish government's contribution still remains unknown

Jesús Hinojosa


Wednesday, 12 April 2023

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Although the work has not yet started, the public administrations are working hard on the project to provide Malaga cathedral with a gable roof to put an end to the problems of leaks. The Bishopric has estimated a total budget for this work of 17.5 million euros, including taxes and project drafting, for which the diocese already has public aid covering 75 per cent of this sum.

Malaga City Hall had set aside a subsidy of one million euros, which it now plans to increase to 4,550,000 euros. According to documentation seen by SUR, in addition to the aforementioned million euros earmarked for 2023 there will be further 1,775,000 euros added for 2024 and 2025.

These subsidies are in addition to the 5.3 million euros of aid announced by the Andalusian regional government and the 3.2 million euros planned by the Diputacion, Malaga's provincial authority. And, it remains unknown what the state’s contribution will be.

The planned repair works are expected to take more than two years to complete. Once the works begin, in order to maintain activity in the church, all crane operations and other actions will be carried out from the south side of the building (Calle Postigo de Abades), which is being carefully planned so as not to affect the entrance of the Holy Week processional thrones next year. However, visits to the roof will be interrupted, although the possibility of having occasional tours so that the public can see the progress of the works is being studied.

The first thing that will have to be done is the removal of the 'brick skin' that covers the outside of the vaults – a failed solution of the Junta’s to fix the leaks – and the placement of the anchors for the roof. This will be finished with glazed ceramic tiles in two colours, honey and cream, to resemble the roofs of the Sagrario church and the Episcopal palace.

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