Thousands of people demonsrated in Malaga city centre this Sunday morning. SUR

Thousands turn out in Malaga to protest against amnesty deal in Spain

The Partido Popular organised rally was repeated in all of the Spanish provincial capitals this Sunday to demonstrate the rejection of the "pact of shame" between PSOE and the Catalan independence party Junts

Antonio M. Romero


Sunday, 12 November 2023, 13:23


Spain's Partido Popular this Sunday, 12 November, organised rallies in all provincial capitals around the country. The demonstration were called after PSOE and Junts signed an agreement on Thursda for the investiture of the socialist candidate Pedro Sánchez that includes an amnesty law for those involved in the process and that also admits cases of 'lawfare', an expression that refers to the abusive use of justice for political purposes.

In Andalucía the PP staged events in the eight provincial capitals against the amnesty for the 'procés' and in defence of equality among all Spaniards.

The people of Malaga gathered near the city's Pompidou Museum Cube to show their rejection of the "pact of shame" between the PSOE and the Catalan independence party Junts.

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