Pedro Sánchez and Andoni Ortuzar after signing the investiture agreement. EP
Sánchez set for investiture as Spain's PM after agreements with PNV and Coalición Canaria

Sánchez set for investiture as Spain's PM after agreements with PNV and Coalición Canaria

The Basque nationalists are the only ones to have signed their pact personally with the acting prime minister

Cristina Cándido / Paula De las Heras


Friday, 10 November 2023, 16:04


Pedro Sánchez is set for investiture as Spain's PM, possibly as soon as the end of next week, except for any last minute surprises, with an absolute, comfortable, majority of 179 seats.

Just 24 hours after a pact with Junts, the PSOE today closed its investiture and legislature agreement with the PNV and, somewhat more unexpectedly, also with the Canary Coalition (Coalición Canaria), that previously supported Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

PNV President Andoni Ortuzar said he agreed to Sánchez's investiture due to the necessary “responsibility” at a time of “very much complexity and political uncertainty”.

The PNV said the agreement was “good” for the Basque Country, because it lays the foundations to negotiate self-government within two years and guarantees the “effective transfer” to the Basque Country of all pending transfers in the Guernica Statute and opens the door to talk about the “national recognition” of the Basque Country and the “safeguards” of its powers.

PSOE also added one vote to its coalition after the Canary Islands' regionalist party agreed, on Friday, to back Sánchez.

For the second investiture vote, to be held next week, a simple majority is all that is required to win. In contrast, in the first vote, which the Partido Popular leader lost, it was necessary to have an absolute majority (at least 176 seats). The only way for Pedro Sánchez to lose the imminent second vote would be for the PNV to join the PP, Vox and UPN to vote against the acting prime minister, which is now a clearly unreal situation.

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