The protesters announced their next move at a press conference SUR
Palestine protest campers say they are staying 'indefinitely' outside Malaga university library

Palestine protest campers say they are staying 'indefinitely' outside Malaga university library

Protesters are demanding the university make a clear stance against conflict and break off any relations it has with Israel

Francisco Gutiérrez


Monday, 13 May 2024, 20:55


A pro-Palestine protest camp outside Malaga university's general library has vowed to be there indefinitely.

Protesters criticised the "complicity" of the University of Malaga (UMA) and demanded the breaking of relations with Israel. They are calling for collaboration agreements the UMA maintains with Israeli universitiesto be broken, and even for them to cancel any links with anyone they consider "accomplices of the genocidal state of Israel": "We want a 100% public university without the presence of companies that collaborate with this outrage," they said.

The group of students, who have been camping out outside the university since early on Friday morning, said they will only stand down from this indefinite sit-in if the UMA complies with some of their demands.

They also demanded a "real and tangible commitment from the University of Malaga to put pressure on the Spanish government" to make it possible to break off relations with Israel.

The camp organisers said that despite "multiple impediments from the management" of the UMA, they have received a "wave of solidarity" from the people of Malaga.

Fausto Solanas, spokesman for the Frente de Estudiantes, one of the organisations behind these demonstrations, said the UMA is being asked to express a "clear position on the conflict" and to break off relations with Israel. Regarding the statement from the UMA Student Council, CEUMA, on Friday, in which it was requested the camp should take place outside the general library so as not to disrupt people, Solanas said it is not preventing access.

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