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Student plunges three floors from Malaga flat while 'escaping from kidnappers' after eating cake laced with marijuana
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Student plunges three floors from Malaga flat while 'escaping from kidnappers' after eating cake laced with marijuana

Police believe the young woman, who was seriously injured in the incident, suffered hallucinations after following a recipe on YouTube with a group of friends

Juan Cano


Friday, 13 October 2023, 12:37


A young female student was seriously injured and rushed to Malaga Regional Hospital after falling from a third floor flat. National Police officers, after thoroughly investigating the incident, have now come to the conclusion that the young woman suffered a hallucination after eating a marijuana brownie.

It happened at a student flat in Malaga city in the early hours of 30 September, although it was only this week that the force's homicide group completed its reconstruction of the events and ruled out, at least for now, the involvement of third parties in the young woman's fall.

The alarm was first raised with the Local Police force in Malaga and it began with a kidnapping alert. The 092 room received a call alerting them that a girl was being held against her will, so, given the seriousness of the report, the nearest patrols were mobilised.

When the officers arrived at the scene, they found a young woman lying badly injured on the ground outside the building, bleeding from the nose. Three floors up, leaning out of a window, there were some people screaming. One of the officers stayed with the victim, requesting urgent medical assistance, while his colleague went upstairs to clarify the situation.

YouTube video

Inside the student flat there were three young men and three young women in a state of shock. They were screaming, crying and very nervous. When they calmed down, they told the police that they had made a brownie cake with three grams of marijuana following instructions they had found in a YouTube video.

According to witnesses, the young woman who fell ate a piece of the cake and immediately afterwards began to feel sick. She first went to the bathroom to vomit and then locked herself in the room. Her friends tried to get in, but she had bolted the door, according to their version of events. When one of them forced the door open and entered the room, he saw the window open. When he looked out, he saw that she was badly lying badly injured on the ground below.

Before the fall, the young woman sent a message via WhatsApp to another friend who she told that she had been kidnapped. It was the latter friend who phoned the 092 room to report the situation.

Intensive care unit

When health services arrived at the scene, they stabilised the victim and transferred her to Malaga's Regional Hospital, where she was admitted in a very serious condition. She had suffered fractures to an arm and a leg, as well as abdominal and thoracic trauma. She was taken straight to the intensive care unit, where there were fears for her life in the initial hours.

Meanwhile, back at the scene, police officers sealed off the bathroom, and the area where she landed, so that forensic experts could carry out a visual inspection. They also seized the remains of the marijuana cake that were still on a tray and which are still being analysed in a laboratory to determine if it could be contaminated with any other substance.

Officers from the homicide unit of the National Police continued the investigations and took statements from each of the young people present in the flat. After several days of investigation, the officers have come to the conclusion that, so far, there is no evidence of the involvement of third parties in the victim's fall.

The police theory is that the young woman, after eating a piece of the cake, went into a kind of "trance" that turned into persecution mania, and wanted to slide or hang out of the window to try to escape. The young woman spent several days in the hospital's ICU, although her condition is now said to be improving favourably.

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