A pteranodon above the Paseo de Reding in Malaga city. / sur

Watch as Spielberg’s Jurassic World dinosaurs soar into Malaga

The promotional campaign for the latest film in the saga includes a scene with a winged pteranodon in the city


If you’re walking around Malaga city centre, keep your eyes on the sky. As well as pigeons, you may see a pteranodon, a winged dinosaur that would be hard to miss because it measures about seven metres. Steven Spielberg’s prehistoric animals will be featuring on cinema posters once again from 10 June with Jurassic World Dominion and one of them has come to Malaga, to the Paseo de Reding, to be specific, as part of the worldwide promotion campaign for this new part of the saga which will feature sightings of Jurassic creatures all over the planet.

California (USA), Calgary (Canada) and the Pacific Ocean are some of the settings where dinosaurs have been spotted so far and Malaga is also featured in the promotional campaign for the new film, which stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard and is directed by Colin Trevorrow. There is also a website with an interactive globe where you can look up sightings all over the planet, and the only hotspot in Spain is above La Malagueta bullring.

“The most brutal of all videos: Jurassic invasion in Malaga” is the message posted on social media which warns of the presence in the city of a winged saurian. It poses on the balcony of what appears to be a government building, where it has been attracted by the shiny security camera which it ends up eating.

Fortunately, of all the creatures that Steven Spielberg could have sent us, the pteranodon is not one of the most aggressive and, despite its size, it does not eat humans. In fact, its favourite meal is fish. Now its presence in Malaga begins to make sense: its sense of smell has obviously drawn it to the city which is famous for its ‘espetos’, the fish cooked on canes over an open fire on the beach.