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Netflix series 'La Chica de Nieve’ is seeking extras with a 'guiri look'

Netflix series 'La Chica de Nieve’ is seeking extras with a 'guiri look'

Those applying for the filming in Malaga should, ideally, have blonde hair, fair skin and look like foreigners in Spain say the casting agency


Monday, 14 February 2022, 17:31


The Netflix production of 'La Chica de Nieve’ is looking for extras who look like 'guiris' in Spain for their filming on the Costa del Sol. The production is based on the novel Javier Castillo from Malaga about a five-year-old girl who is abducted during the Three Kings parade in Malaga and the subsequent investigation.

According to Tempotel, the company in charge of finding extras for the series, "We are looking for 'guiri look' extras in Malaga: men and women over 20 years of age, natural blondes, blue eyes and fair skin.”

Anyone interested in the job offer should be available up until 18 March and should send head and body photos to Tempotel via WhatsApp, on 641 883 642, along with their name and surname and evidence that they are registered to pay social security.

La Chica de Nieve began shooting in Malaga on Monday 7 February. The series will be six episodes long and is based on the bestseller by Javier Castillo also from Malaga. It will be set entirely on the Costa del Sol. The thriller will open with a recreation of the Three Kings parade and the abduction of the five-year-old Amaya, who in the novel is known as the character Kiera.

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